pregnant and rejected

pregnant and rejected

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belle-98 By belle-98 Updated Jul 26, 2015

she thought that when she found the one that she would have settled down they would date get married and have kids later but when she found her mate on a drunken night they end up in bed and have the night of her life only to wake up to nobody she thought she dreamt it but saw a note that said " I have to go don't look for me because I cant be with a weak Luna my dad will never give me the alpha title if I choose you I need someone stronger to lead with me because my pack is the strongest your ex mate "her world fall apart but that day she promised to come back stronger that she would prove him wrong she moved all the way to the other side of the world but she found out something that would change her world but she couldn't tell him of course he would reject her and she will never now what he might do and the only thing important to her is that, she is joined and helped by her best friend that moved all the way with her but her best friend finds her mate and becomes Luna of that pack what will crystal become? 

Kayden since that day feels regret he always remember her beautiful glowing skin and that perfect body, deep down he new that no one could take her place so he went and looked everywhere. nobody could and wouldn't top him if they feared for there life after all his the youngest alpha and most powerful alpha but even though he Is powerful he was alpha with a broken heart. but will he ever find her and make her his or will she never open her heart ever again and give him a second chance. 
join crystal and  Kayden go through hell and back 

a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes

AyumeKuruma03 AyumeKuruma03 Aug 10, 2017
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Mar 11
I hope she doesn’t go back to her c baby or not he is rotten she deserves better then that
canadadragonrider canadadragonrider Apr 23, 2017
This is great...... I can't wait to see what's in store for her!!!!😁
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Omg I absolutely love your story pls ow prettypretty pls update with a cherry on top pls pls pls
krystiie6674 krystiie6674 Oct 03, 2016
Where are you? I hope everything is alright with you.
                               It's been a year and two month's since
                              you last updated. So please update soon this story is
                              really interesting. I will be waiting for that update.
Tianasweet29 Tianasweet29 2 days ago
You have got to be kidding i jus started reading n it jus finish like that