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The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

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purplebunnies101 By purplebunnies101 Completed

Meet Melody Alonzo. She's fifteen years old, she's in the tenth grade, goes to Red Valley High School, and lives in Colorado with her mom, dad, annoying little brother, Carter, and her lazy big brother, Nick. 

She's known Michael Richards and Dylan Jackson since kindergarten, and she's hated them ever since. But in middle school when Michael and Dylan finally go to a different school, Melody couldn't be happier to get away from the two idiots she's always hated. Well except for Dylan...because he lives in her neighborhood. But at least Michael's gone!

But when Melody and her best friend Catelynn are taking a jog around the neighborhood, they just so happen to run into Michael and Dylan. And all hell broke loose when Michael told Melody he was moving next door to her... 

"How am I gonna deal with that idiot now that he lives next door to me!"

Well...let's see how this turns out...

LaughAtMyJokesHoe LaughAtMyJokesHoe Nov 06, 2016
I live with my extended family, and the oldest one does this everyday.
_love_bug36 _love_bug36 Aug 27, 2016
Same girl... I'm the middle child of 5 kids. So u could basically say my parents where very busy... lol
sassypotatooo sassypotatooo Nov 10, 2016
How's living in the us going for u? Especially now that trump's prez😶 no offence meant to anyone
ArtzyGirl03 ArtzyGirl03 Nov 10, 2016
My best friend's mom makes homemade meals from scratch almost every night. Mrs. M's cooking is the mist delicious thing I've ever had. YUM!!!😛
bored_writer14 bored_writer14 Sep 10, 2016
Im the middld child between my 2 brothers. I have dark brown hair, pale skin and grayish blue eyes lol
I'm the 8 child out of nine no joke and I'm a girl!!!😜😝