Church Boys (boyxboy)

Church Boys (boyxboy)

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[warning this story contains sexual content blah blah blah long story short; this story contains hot gay  sex so if you like that than you've come to the right place]

Religion is very important to a lot of people in this society. From Catholics to pagans everyone believes in what they believe, if anything at all,....but Christian was a Christian (parents get straight to the point apparently) and was made to be a well balanced kid of God....that was until he met Bailey, a new boy in his private Christian school, who flipped his world upside down.

What will happen when he starts having feelings he doesn't think he should have? Will religion come in front of love or will bailey's sexy appeal make him forget all about who he is suppose to be? find out in "church boys"

That was a great description hope the books just as great!(^‿^✿)(^‿^✿)
He could dance if he wants to, he could leave his friends behind
                              Cuz if his friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine!!
I made up my own religion. You renounce all fads and crazes.  If you participate in any you have sinned.
At my school Art has a freacking load of homework. Especially in last year of school.
Im doing that, just need to take language next year and some ap classes for some extra credits and im good
minaali16 minaali16 Jul 09
Not Atheist but I don't believe in religion hopefully that makes sense to a many it doesn't