Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

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Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded, but still enjoy this one :D

Thomas Haynes, a 17 year old teenager in his last year of high school. He's the average teenager. You know, the agile yet non athletic guy, and this is his last time moving. When he was younger as a child, his family moved a lot because of money troubles, mostly from the way the economy is right now. And the economy is pretty screwed up at the moment. Even though he may be the average teenager, he has a secret about himself. He's gay, I know. Pretty shocking, right? 

How will he survive school staying in the closet? Especially when he meets a guy who he likes, who turns out to be a jock, but not a typical jock as everybody thinks, yet a jock who has their own secrets. 

He's going to know that being with a Jock isn't so easy as he figuratively expected. A little fame, a little recognition, that alone isn't going to help Thomas with his grade twelve year as a new student. 

Being With A Jock, what possibilities could there be?

Isn't that what all humans are?? I mean I wouldn't know, I'm a cat
If it was my pa he woulda been like, we're here now get out, I've had enough of you
Yea. But being gay make life more complicated-fun and not boring.
I ponder of something great. My lungs will fill and then deflate.
I'm straight girl and believe me every guy I have a crush on is gay. Now you tell me😌
Tommy? Seriously? I literally thought this was a dog name my whole frikin life. And I still do