Married To Him✔

Married To Him✔

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Imagine this,
You're walking down the aisle, wearing the prettiest dress and the prettiest smile, with your dad beside you. Holding your hand really tight. Trying to soothe himself more than you and why would he not? He's handing his daughter to another man. 
The love of your life is standing at the end of the alter. Happy as ever. He is about to marry his true love. 

Now imagine this,
You're walking down the aisle with tears in your eyes and no matter how much your father squeezes your hand, you wouldn't stop crying. Your is heart breaking with every step that you take. 
There at the alter, you see the man you despise the most. You hate his guts and would do anything to run away from the church. 
If only your grandma hadn't made her last wish for you to marry him. 
What would you do?

Scarlet Summers didn't have a say in her unexpected wedding. She was to marry her former best friend who drifted away from her years ago. What will happen to the young couple once they get married? Will anger and arrogance take it's place, leading to a divorce? Or love?

Read more to find out!

I'm terrible at covers and trailers. I need a trailer for a new story I'm writing but no one knows anyone