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Finding Hope (Markiplier X Abused Bullied Reader)

Finding Hope (Markiplier X Abused Bullied Reader)

21.7K Reads 462 Votes 12 Part Story
Crow By CrowOrSo Completed

Your life was once amazing. You had a loving family, friends, and just a few bullies, not enough to get to you. But then your father died, and everything fell apart. Most of your friends either died, or turned into another bully, and your mother started abusing you and your brother, more you than your brother. The only people you had left were Your Brother and Your Best Friend. But one day, when the boy in school known for his looks, saves you from your main bully, will you finally find hope after all these years?

camothecat camothecat Nov 19, 2016
Hah he said build your walls high and strong soooo you want me to be the next donald trump??
Sinlord1185 Sinlord1185 Oct 30, 2016
Lol, in Marks first pov, i loved it when you went from first, to second, first again, then to third, then back to first. Also, i loved the poem😍😍
TheLadyDot TheLadyDot Mar 24, 2016
I am just gonna read this listening to My Chemical Romance. :3
AnnaLynch2 AnnaLynch2 Jun 22, 2016
Oh thats scary... 😅 my father actually died in a car accident
MyrandaBarek MyrandaBarek Apr 25, 2016
My schools pizza has rubber cheese, squishy bread, and tomato sauce that tastes like it'd been thrown into the toilet 😅😐
Daffy_love Daffy_love Jan 10
I feel like some of the sentences could've been his Poem, I'm I the only one who thought that