I'm the Alpha's Badass

I'm the Alpha's Badass

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finding_abbi By finding_abbi Updated Jun 02, 2016

Emily was your typical badass black leather jacket motorcycle combat boots chains. She didn't give a damn about what you thought about her and she didn't take your shit lightly. She loves to fight and she America's best fighter.

Alec was your typical alpha possessive  annoying and goes apeshit over things. He has the pack slut throwing herself at him but he isn't interested because she has a mate. He wolf made him promise to save himself for his mate. Sweet right.

But when he meets her all hell breaks loose as she panics and run for dear life as he catches her she faints and he rushes her to the pack doctor who tends to her for the next couple of days.

Will she wake up or will she die from the sudden raise in her blood pressure?

Find out next.

I'm the Alpha's Badass

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