Moonlight ☾Theo Raeken || Teen Wolf [1]

Moonlight ☾Theo Raeken || Teen Wolf [1]

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Mai By vxrsatile Updated Aug 26, 2015

“The moonlight hits his face perfectly as he jumps into the scene. I've seen him before. The boy I caught the scent of right before coming here. The one who proudly showed of his yellow, glowing eyes, already knowing that I was like him.”

Arabella Jackson wasn't the nicest person when she first came to Beacon Hills. She was a lone wolf in search for a new pack to be a part of. Maybe one would've taken her instantly if not for her intimidating personality, which she only has to hide how she feels about her constant problems. Still, she eventually gains the trust of a true Alpha, finds people she can count on, and is finally problem-free—  so she thought.

Before her last year at Beacon Hills High School even begins, interesting things happen. A new werewolf arrives in town. Just when Ella thought this would be her year to live a real high school life, some new boy decides to change it all up.

Teen Wolf || Season 5


- - Feb 12, 2016
Is she talking about aiden? Cause if she is I'm gona just gona pretend I didn't hear that
Stilinskia Stilinskia Aug 13, 2015
I just told my mom I'm a werewolf...she looked at me and said "I couldn't have one normal child"
frombadlands frombadlands Jul 14, 2015
I haven't found anymore Theo fics around so I'm really excited for this!! :)