What Is Love? (Lesbian Story){On Hold}

What Is Love? (Lesbian Story){On Hold}

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???? By Master_T Updated Nov 19

She's beautiful, talented, smart, everything I could ever ask for when she kissed me that night I couldn't get her out of my head and I don't even know her last name...or her first name but there's 3 reasons why we can't be together

1.)I'm straight
2.)I'm happily married...well I'm married
3.)That monkey liped mothafucka...I mean Jay is my husband


Don't you think maybe she wants some eggs too?? That she wants a divorce too?? #SoSelfish😐
You not my dad.. Always wanna hear something...ugly ass..noodle head
aquariaas aquariaas Jun 11
Do all these fan fictions have to have abusive relationships?? Omg
OnTheTLCTip OnTheTLCTip Aug 22
*looks under bed*
                              *looks in closet*
                              *looks in pockets*
                              Tryna find who tf he talking to
Female__Weezy Female__Weezy Aug 28, 2015
she shouldve said "your not my dad always wanna hear something ugly ass noodle head"
KT_Tarsha KT_Tarsha Jul 19, 2015
When they where playing 20 questions I thought that would've been the first question she'd ask Lol