Little Red Roslyn | *Weekly Updates!*

Little Red Roslyn | *Weekly Updates!*

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Minshi Mathur By MiNsHi Updated Jul 24, 2017

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The chest I was pulled up against had warmth, something the rain had razed. My face flushed as heat slipped into my body, warming me up. I could feel myself blissfully pulling away from the man, ready to thank him - not only for saving me from falling, but also for giving me something warm to press up against.

Then I saw his face.

Dark, disheveled hair tousled upon a well-defined face. Electric blue eyes sat on high cheekbones, gazing straight at me. A strong jawline was etched below curved lips, smirking at my reaction. Charisma was written across this man's face, handsome and appealing.

"Watch where you're going, Red." he whispered smugly, a deep, masculine voice reverberating through his lips. "Don't want to crash again, now do you?"


Running from death was always a nightmare. 

Running from a hunter was worse. 
When Roslyn is warned of her fate, she runs like hell.  

Run, Little Red Roslyn. Run.

The hunter is on his way. 


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**Yes, the title on the cover is spelled wrong... But the cover is so pretty! :)

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