I'm Not a Hero >> Teen Wolf/Spiderman AU

I'm Not a Hero >> Teen Wolf/Spiderman AU

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Holli By greengobIin Updated Dec 03, 2016

Stiles Stilinski was never considered himself a hero. He was the human of the pack, the one who couldn't fight, the one who didn't have supernatural powers, the one whose best defense was a baseball bat. 

But one day everything changes.

Stiles became something no one ever expected. He could shot spiderwebs from his hands and had new, heightened senses. 

Now he was a hero.

A superhereo.

And he called himself Spiderman.


Teen Wolf AU where Stiles is Spiderman.

MusicallyRoyal MusicallyRoyal Aug 20, 2016
The bright side is Jackson and Stiles have a real understanding. The is no GOOD !!!
gretacorveta gretacorveta Feb 16, 2016
Lol Spiderman Stilinkies I would love to see a pic of that so badly
DevynChubon DevynChubon Mar 16, 2016
*sees me jumping on my bed constantly with a slightly creepy smile as I look at my phone*
HallerArgent27 HallerArgent27 Sep 27, 2015
Update soon please. That was really good, no that was amazing
PaulinaMorales4 PaulinaMorales4 Jul 22, 2015
This is so freaking perfect, I loved it way too much. i really hope you continue it :)
PaulinaMorales4 PaulinaMorales4 Jul 22, 2015
I'm so freaking sure I'm going to love this story. Please keep writing :))