1950 » Narry Storan {TEMPORARILY ON HOLD}

1950 » Narry Storan {TEMPORARILY ON HOLD}

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❀ Ari ❀ By 1975-Narry Updated Jul 08

"Our love isn't considered normal." 

"I don't care what the world thinks, all I know is that I'm deeply in love with you."

A story that takes place in 1950, a time where the thought of two men sharing a romantic relationship was unheard of.


This is a Narry AU fanfic written by me and my internet friend Devan ( @_NobodyCompares_ )

Zayn is me. I literally pack before the day we leave. I am lazy af.
Ha! Its 2017 and people still have their heads so far up their arses on the idea of homosexuality.
x-Harry-x x-Harry-x Jul 20
Yo my parents aren't letting my date until my whole education is over, I wish my parents were begging me to get a lad.
My parents are soo overprotective, its literally written that no relationship till I am 23.
Niall doesn't have a girlfriend because he knows us Niall girls will go crazy bc he's ours and we ARE his girlfriends
toxicated- toxicated- Oct 09, 2016
It's 2016 and there are still people who are bot open to the idea of homosexuality. :(