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Copeland Lancaster was a child of the curious sort, who couldn't seem to stay out of trouble's way no matter how hard she tried. During her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she befriends trouble himself, Mr. Harry Potter. 

During their midnight escapades with one Ronald Weasley and the Invisibility Cloak, Copeland stumbles upon Dumbledore's lost artifact, Grindlewald's Time Turner, which he enchanted to move time forward, instead of backwards. While fiddling with the device, Copeland throws herself five years into the future, and finds herself in the middle of a war.

Since when did the future switch from being a promise, to being a threat?

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book one, years 1-3

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I made a playlist on SoundCloud titles Lancaster! It's a bit different because some of the songs are covers because I couldn't find the originals on there.
Has anyone ever noticed that Dean is ALWAYS there when Ron and Hermione are having a moment?
SummerWonders SummerWonders Dec 28, 2015
This playlist is so amazing it literally brought tears to my eyes.