The next morning, Copeland found herself shaken awake by Hermione, who was already dressed, books in hand. She grinned excitedly, looking like a small child waking their parents on Christmas.

"It's our first day!"

Copeland scowled at her, turning over and burying her face underneath her pillow. "It's six in the morning. Leave me be!"

Hermione plopped down on Copeland's bed, tearing the covers off of her. "C'mon, Copeland! You mustn't be late for breakfast. It's in an hour. And don't you want to make a good first impression? You have to look a certain way. And also-"

"Fine! I'm up! I'm up!" Copeland snapped, swinging her feet off of the bed, and standing. Hermione grinned at her, pushing her towards the bathroom.

"You will thank me later! Go on! Get ready!"

After about an hour of Hermione fussing over her, and fifteen minutes of Lavender begging to plait her hair, Copeland left the dormitory, feeling a little too prim and proper for her liking. As she walked down the stairs leading to the Commons Room, trailed by Lavender, Hermione, and a silent Parvati, she rolled her sweater sleeves up, and adjusted her scarf on her shoulders. The Commons Room was practically empty, except for a few students scouring through their new books, and Percy reading the Daily Prophet on a couch near the fireplace. He glanced up at Copeland.

"Why don't you look lovely this morning," He commented. She approached him, cringing as she sensed the girl's standing behind her. Percy looked at them with a smile. "Well aren't you just the most popular girl in school? You are already looking like a Prefect."

Hermione scowled.

"Um, thanks," Copeland replied, looking uncomfortable. She scanned over the room again. "Where's Ron and Harry?"

"Here!" Harry's voice chimed from the top of the stairs. Copeland snapped her head around, smiling when she saw a chipper looking Harry and a grumpy looking Ron descending the staircase that led to the Boy's Dormitories. Hermione grinned and clasped her hands together, looking very pleased with herself.

"Look at that! Gang's all here!'

Ron raised an eyebrow at that statement. "Gang?"

Copeland spotted Neville, and called out for him, trying to interrupt Ron and Hermione's inevitable squabbling.

"Hey, Neville! We are just about to leave for breakfast. Care to join?" She asked, a polite smile on her face. Neville opened his mouth to reply, when all of a sudden, his robes got caught underneath his feet and he tumbled down the stairs. Copeland rushed to his aid.

"Oh boy, that wasn't kind to me bum," Neville whined looking jostled as Copeland helped him to his feet. She heard Ron mumbled something about him being 'hopelessly clumsy'. Copeland rolled her eyes at that and patted Neville on the back.

"I think you need food. C'mon, we are headed to the Great Hall now!"

As soon as the group left the Commons Room, whispers followed their footsteps. People were lined up outside the Great Hall, on their tiptoes to get a look at Harry, and sometimes looking at Copeland as well. Some people were obnoxious enough to double back to get a look at them again in the corridors.

"There he is!"

"A Lancaster? I thought they were all dead."

"Next to the tall redhead kid."

"Did you see his scar?"

"The Hat didn't even touch her head?"


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