Penelope Brookes-Lancaster of number 39 Murrietta Place was proud to say she was perfectly extraordinary, thank you very much. If you saw anything strange, she would be the first person to ask, because she is just uncanny in that way. Her "husband" on the other hand was so extremely plain, most people took a triple-take when they saw the two together. Mrs. Brookes always wore bright colored sundress' and blouses, while Mr. Peter Brookes fancied a nice ash colored button up and black slacks....everyday of the week. The contrast between the two could permanantly damage the retinas if you stared for a second too long.

Peter Brookes was the head of the most successful publishing house in the United Kingdom, Crystal Publishing. Crystal Publishing specialized in Children's Books. Ironically, Peter Brookes didn't have a molecule of creativity or excitement in his entire body. He was void of laughter, or cheer. He weighed in at a ridiculous 137 pounds for his age with platinum blonde hair and dull blue eyes, he was lanky and long limbed...looking quite similar to his wife and nothing like his daughter.

That's because his daughter did not belong to him, but to Jace Lancaster...Penelope's late, non-muggle husband. Copeland Grace Lancaster not only mirrored her father's looks, but his stubborn and determined personality as well. She refused to take the last name Brookes, claiming Lancaster was much cooler. If only she knew what that name really meant.

Penelope avoided telling young Copeland about her wizarding heritage at all costs, but naturally there were incidents that kept occuring, and questions that were constantly asked. On Copeland's very first day of kindergarten, a young boy by the name of Robert had accused her of picking up her pencil without her hands. There were times in the midst of the night when Copeland would wake up and demand to know more about her father, her real father. She continued to have troubling dreams, ones that fueled more and more questions.

Copeland had even gone so far as to snoop around her mother's belongings, accidentally finding some of her mothers old Hogwarts texbooks. She had knocked her step-father's drink out of his hand by yelling out the incantation for the disarming spell. "Expelliarmus!"

That's when Peter thought it was getting out of hand.

More and more suspicions arose between Copeland and her mother, to the point where neither Copeland nor Penelope could stand being in the same room as each other. Copeland's distrust for her mother had put a deep dent in their once strong relationship. But unmoving as ever, Penelope valued her daughters safety more than her incessant curiousity. When the strain on their relationship was getting to difficult to bear, a certain special letter arrived in the mail that fateful summer when Copeland was eleven.

That's when the cat was truly out of the bag.

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