Memo (Niall Horan AU)

Memo (Niall Horan AU)

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They were best friends who shared intimacy. 

She was in love with him. He was oblivious. 

He was a liar. She wanted more. 

She couldn't wait forever. He was not ready to lose her.


Let me take your heart
Love you in the dark,
No one has to see

Memo by Years & Years


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Fanfic inspired by the song Memo by Years & Years. Check the song out because it's amazing.

Warnings: Will contain mature contents and strong language.
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Lushprincess13 Lushprincess13 Sep 30, 2016
CreepTonite07 CreepTonite07 Mar 29, 2016
Idk but I started crying already... Noooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bailey362 Bailey362 Jan 30
Wow our feelings are mutual, I already connect to her on so many levels
CreepTonite07 CreepTonite07 Mar 29, 2016
I actually think the most affected one in the band when Zayn left is Niall and Harry. They're so quiet when it comes to the issue... But i think it's mostly Niall who was affected.
amlovingyouu amlovingyouu Jan 19, 2016
I read this prologue while listening to I'm emotional!!! But excited AF to continue with the book
her21jams her21jams Dec 02, 2015
It saddens me that niall is so clueless for the girl. But I know they're work out something in the end