Arranged Love...

Arranged Love...

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Samantha By Ladybug_blue Completed

Eliana had it all: great parent, amazing friends and the summer of her dreams, but what happens when she finds out that her dad set up an arranged marriage for her and she has to move away. 

Noah has the life every guy wants, he comes from a family with money and will take over the company when his dad retires and a very understanding girlfriend but it's almost time for all that to come to an end. 

What will happen when these two are thrown together? Read on to find out.

#499 Teen Fiction (12/23/16)

imaleafforever imaleafforever Oct 15, 2016
If I were to arrange my child in marriage I would hold it off too, just so I could see there reaction. I know I know best parent (who isn't a parent) award goes to me.
imaleafforever imaleafforever Oct 15, 2016
Very bad spray tan going on there, with very bad foundation. Very bad pic also. Lol the one bad pic of Demi lovato
Ranaeeee Ranaeeee Aug 17, 2015
I felt like she gave in to easy but overall its good I like it
mirabellaspencer mirabellaspencer Jun 19, 2015
Hey that's my sister's name except it's spelled with two ns like this Elianna
VexedLove VexedLove Jun 19, 2015
This chapter is already up and it's like the first chapter. I'm really confused.
Ladybug_blue Ladybug_blue Apr 21, 2014
@Paranoid_n_Lazy Thanks for voting!!! I Really appreciate the feedback and I super happy you like it :D