Killua Oneshots (X Reader) [ON HOLD]

Killua Oneshots (X Reader) [ON HOLD]

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Bwee By stillabeeandatrash Updated Jul 15, 2017

All stories i made with err.. you, the reader(s) and the white haired ex-assassin, Killua!

(Most of the story happened when Killua is still 12-14 y.o. if you want him and you to be older, pm me first kay?)

Addition: i write angst most of the time

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i had a lemon- wait no seriously i eat lemons okaY I CAN STAND WARHEADS HmPH.
Goodforyou12 Goodforyou12 Jun 14, 2016
I like this! Keep up the good work ^^ 
                              (I know the dj omg it's just so adorable o3o)
isanova11 isanova11 Jul 04, 2016
Ur unsuited for my rage of puns
                              That escalation in the story was pretty fun
                              And hey guess what 
                               I'll make a meme out of youu~~~~
                              So sorry im done bye (°◇°;)
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I'm having a midnight snack some chocolate and soda im actually eating that right now
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