All Mine (Ciel x reader )

All Mine (Ciel x reader )

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Your name is y/n. You used to work for Alois Trancy: the worst person you have ever known. You left that place as soon as you could. He has no idea how to treat his demons. The reason why you left is Alois threw a fork at you and it hit your eye, and you had enough of his shit. You just got really fed up with him, and left for good.
It sickens you just thinking about what he did.

Flash back

" y/n Bring me a new fork" Alois yelled. You look down at the floor to see that he dropped the fork he had.

You grab a fork and walk over to the table. You put the fork on the table. 
"You didn't bring me my fork fast enough." He smirked at you and threw it on the floor. 

Just hearing his voice made you angry, but you have to respect him.
"I am sorry your highness." 

"Pick the fork up off the floor." He damanded. 

You do as he says. He puts his hand out in front of you. 

"Put it in my hand."

You put the fork in his open hand. You bow tword him and apologize again.
"I am very sor.." you where...

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Bipolarpoptart Bipolarpoptart Jun 26, 2017
Bîtch  I hope the fûck you do, you'll be a dead son of a bîtch I tell you that
Ciel is french for sky so I suppose it is an interesting name