All Mine (Ciel x reader )

All Mine (Ciel x reader )

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kashaboo2328 By kashaboo2328 Updated Jul 26

Your name is y/n. You used to work for alois trancy as a maid. You left that place. He has no idea how to treat his demons. Oh ya, you're a demon. The reson that you left now is alois threw a fork at you and it hit your eye. It was bad but your eye will heal. You just got really fed up with him. And left for good.
It sickens you just thinking about what he did.

Flash back

" y/n Bring me a new fork" alois said. You look down at the floor to see that he dropped the fork he had.
You grab a fork and walk over to the table. You put the fork on the table. 
"You didn't bring me my fork fast enough." He smirked at you.
Just hearing his voice made you angry, but you have to respect him.
"I am sorry your highness." 
"Pick the fork up off the floor." 
You do as he says. He puts his hand out in front of you. 
"Put it in my hand"
You put the fork in his open hand. You bow tword him and apologize again.
"I am very sor.." you where cut off by the pain. You looked down at the fork that was thrown at...

B-but....whyyyy?! Why would you kill a girl, that just saved your live AND was abusived by booty shirts?!?!? You have a wierd and messed up mind phantomhive
I just fell out of my chair and my brother looks so confused XD
xxAAliceexx xxAAliceexx Oct 27
CAAAAAAAAAATZ. I Actually Once Got Bitten By Them That I Broke My Bone,And Fractured My Arm.
I thought this was gonna be a normal question but then I read that and now I'm contemplating my life
I kept on imagining it was a plastic knife and fork....maybe it's because I'm really tired and it's 2 am