Lesser of Two Evils  Sebastian x reader x Claude

Lesser of Two Evils Sebastian x reader x Claude

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Babby G By babbyg18 Completed

You, being the beautiful little maid you are, have captured the interests of not just one, but two handsome demons. Demon butlers if I may add. So what events may unfold because of this? Perhaps an epic battle between the two, over your affections? Which demon shall prevail in claiming you as his own? But wait... do you not have a say in how this battle will turn out?

Two part story.

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FemSebastian FemSebastian Sep 03, 2017
Yes, now on with the routine
                              Fùck you and everything you care about
                              - Stands up -
                              I shall take my leave after I steal your sugar
                              I swear it is addictive 
                              - Hannah chuckles-
                              I KNOW RIGHT
                              You want some too?
Sir_Hatter Sir_Hatter Sep 16, 2017
HelenaLeach HelenaLeach 2 days ago
I think you kidnapped the wrong girl fella. I don't know what you are talking about. (I hope it works)
lizcreamchick lizcreamchick Sep 16, 2017
Sthffjmxfkcshbfhdkxjsblsfsjeidgdh dkd
                              WHAT THA FÜCK
TheShadowOfNightmare TheShadowOfNightmare Aug 16, 2017
No, Your the tart Alois, Sebastian is the perv, and Claude is what we call a pedo.
HelenaLeach HelenaLeach 2 days ago
If it's getting out of hand... WHY DONT YOU STOP IT THEN YOU DAMNED DEMON I WILL FJFHTOGJFKSJEH... *please stand by*