Lesser of Two Evils  Sebastian x reader x Claude

Lesser of Two Evils Sebastian x reader x Claude

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Babby G By babbyg18 Completed

You, being the beautiful little maid you are, have captured the interests of not just one, but two handsome demons. Demon butlers if I may add. So what events may unfold because of this? Perhaps an epic battle between the two, over your affections? Which demon shall prevail in claiming you as his own? But wait... do you not have a say in how this battle will turn out?

Two part story.

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HelenaLeach HelenaLeach Jan 19
Tbh if we have a three way you can share me. I like you both
                              SPIT ON THE NON BELIEVERS
                              DRAW ME A BIG PE-
                              *Ciel covers my mouth*
If I had any control in this story, just to piss them off I would go with Hannah
What is it claude?...*ish like right next to him* please tell me-- 
                              *sebastion comes* 
                              And there's my ride. Bye BISH
i'm reading this and just picturing a spider on my cheek...EW GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!!!