The Avatar from the Future (Zuko x reader)

The Avatar from the Future (Zuko x reader)

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Wildkitten01 By Wildkitten01 Updated Jan 25, 2017

Summary / Prologue : 

 Avatar (Y/N). That's you and you live in a world where there's no past and no future. The only people who know the history of your world is the leaders. They see you as a threat to their perfect world, so you had to go into hiding, but that doesn't stop them. They hunt you, wanting to ensure you don't disrupt things. 

 It's not like you want to change things, you just woke up one morning a you could shoot fire from your hands, and you may or may not have accidently burnt down the market. Society and the government have targeted you as a threat, something to be feared.

 As far as you know, you're alone, the only one with these abilities. You've trained yourself enough to be able to hide your powers and make escape attempts. The people are getting hot on your trail, you've started to question why you run and how much longer you can keep this up. The only thing you haven't considered is what really happens...

(Future-Reader x Zuko story. No lemon. Sorry)

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kaddywatty kaddywatty Apr 07, 2017
That moment when the summary has you like: Oh shít. I'mma read did bítch. Fudge yes
wolfiethewolf32 wolfiethewolf32 Jul 22, 2017
I love avatar my friend made one like this but with Levi Ackerman
fandxmtrashed fandxmtrashed Jun 12, 2016
That portal is now purple and made out of obsidian dug up by a diamond pickaxe, and if you make it large enough now ghasts will come through.