•Fire of the Heart• (Mako x Reader)

•Fire of the Heart• (Mako x Reader)

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YouPaintedMySoul By YouPaintedMySoul Updated Jun 23

(6/20/19)-Starting it up again, expect a new update soon! Sorry for the bad writing from my 13 year old self, it'll be edited later.)
Being the daughter of the current Fire Lord, and the future Fire Lord has its ups and downs. People adoring you and getting away with things that you probably shouldn't -ups. Never allowed to go places alone, never having real friends- downs. I just want to live like a normal girl my age. Without hundreds of rules, Without body guards everywhere I go, without so many restrictions. I just want to be normal. 

My name is Y/n. I am a Princess, the next Fire Lord, and a water and fire bender.

Disclaimer: The legend of Korra and it's characters are owned by Nickelodeon, and you obviously own yourself. 😂❤️

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