Mad Love (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

Mad Love (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

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Lisanna123 By Lisanna123 Updated Jun 17

(It's my first time to create a story so please forgive me if it's not good)
A new girl shows up in gravity falls oregon where she will meet Dipper, Mabel, and Bill cipher( in human form) And steal the hearts of dipper and bill who will win Dipper or bill?

(Vote at the comments who you like to end up with)

Started: 06/08/15

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Uh... Just use a fake name.... EH..... QUIN THE UNICORN SHEEP.  No regrets.
                              IMAGINE POTATOES
                              TWENTY ONE POTATOES
                              ONE POTATO
abicamile12 abicamile12 Nov 14
Wait aren't Mabel and Dipper related to Stan? Or am i just crazy
Omg I imagined Stan stuck IN the vending machine with his face smeared on the glass lol XDDD
Marci_chica Marci_chica Mar 20
If he is your uncle then how can dipstick even have attraction towards u I mean u are related
Panic! At The Disco!! (tho you probs already kno this, pren)