Heart Strings Version 2

Heart Strings Version 2

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Namaste. By YellowCottonHat Updated Jul 24, 2011

Hello all!!
This is the new version of the old Heart Strings which I HAVE NOW FINISHED (='D) but after it was reviewed by someone, I realised that the real plot happened too late in the book and Nathan's P.O.Vs only began on the eleventh chapter - the poor boy - therefore I decided I needed to rewrite urgently. During the replanning process, I thought of a lot of new ideas which needed editting so, now it's a whole new story... Kind of... With lots of old parts.... So, Anyway, enjoy! And if you think it's worse than HS V1 please let me know so I can smack myself repeatedly! <3
~HS V1 is now finished and ready for you to sit back and enjoy! >.<

Real Description: 

Persephone King has wanted to start up a band for so long, and she knows that within her group of friends, she can probably pull it off, but none of them seem that keen. 
When she meets Nathan Kirby, leader of Epic Fail (as well as local heartbreaker) and he decides to give her a helping hand towards her dream, she is pretty ecstatic, of course she is, it's her dream!
Unfortunately, spending so much time with Nathan isn't doing wonders for her relationship with her boyfriend, Nick Paxton... What's a girl to do? 

  • argue
  • band
  • bands
  • boy
  • disbelief
  • dreams
  • epic
  • fail
  • fear
  • fiction
  • friends
  • gig
  • guitar
  • heart
  • hollister
  • insecurity
  • laugh
  • love
  • mcdonalds
  • music
  • nathan
  • promise
  • reality
  • romance
  • school
  • sephy
  • sing
  • song
  • strings
  • tears
  • teen
  • town
  • tune
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