Always In Between (Rated R)

Always In Between (Rated R)

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BlaqueDahlia By BlaqueDahlia Updated Jan 01, 2015

WARNING: (MATURE) This story will be Rated R  _______________________________
Sucking my teeth again and ignore them, knowing that I can't get out of his hold I just sit on his lap with my arms folded, then look out of the window. 

Grabbing my chin forcing me to look at him he tells me, "You better watch that attitude." 

I could tell he didn't like when I act like that so I decided to push him more, "Whatever, what are you going to do."

Smirking with a mischievous expression, he states, "You forgot to say 5. And I'll show what I'm going to do," then a hard slap made contact with my ass.

"Ouch," I say as I try to rub my butt with my hand and get out of his lap but he easily pulls my hands behind my back while rubbing my legging clad ass.

"Shh," he whispers to me and plants a kiss on my parted lips "now, we asked you a couple of questions that you didn't answer, first we asked are you wet for us, are you?"
After running away from a horrible past, Jaxlin Montgomery is running into a complicated future. Finding love and safety comes with a price. Trying to balance herself from the past and future, her true home world and the only world she knows, truth and lies, real and fake, and love and hate. As everything collides, will she find her way through or will she always be in between?

  • black
  • mature
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • witch
jane_gandy jane_gandy Apr 30, 2016
Malnourish with c cup and nice ass? Well u are lucky on that part
JusttTabz JusttTabz Jan 24, 2017
Krav Maga classes are good, it helps you defend yourself against larger and stronger people
DragonsFlare DragonsFlare Dec 15, 2016
How can you afford to buy weed when you can barely feed yourself?
- - Nov 28, 2015
It is so inappropriate how i laughed when i saw the word weed
Azelea_2014 Azelea_2014 Apr 08, 2015
Hey I take Krav one ever knows what that is.that's freaking awesome
leah_gourley leah_gourley Mar 24, 2015
I'm surprised at how many people have died already in this book.