The Lupa Alba

The Lupa Alba

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Briar Stone wasn't like any other Wolf out there. She was special she just didn't know it yet. Her older sister, Sienna, was loved by everyone and already knew she was going to be the next Alpha of her pack, The Konane pack. Her and her wolf were strong fighters, which was the opposite of Briar. Briar is the runt of the litter, only being born two pounds and seven ounces. But her parents believe that she was special, they just didn't know how right they were.

Briar is what they call a Lupa Alba, meaning white wolf. but not just any white wolf. she was the next destined leader of the werewolf population in the West. Her wolf was bigger and stronger then most Alphas' but on the other hand, in her human form, she is small and weak. 

Briar always dreamed of meeting her mate, she even dreamed about what he'd look like. But because she's a runt, she can't smell her mate in human form, she has to trust the guy that claims to be her mate with everything she has. But on the other hand, her wolf, Tala, can smell her to mate. And he's closer than she thinks.

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Jimmygene1121 Jimmygene1121 Jul 03, 2016
And it sound like Chase is supposed to be Michael Clifford!!!