The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf

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About five hundred years ago, Red Wolfs were known as the most loyal in their packs. Red Wolfs are known as the weakest and that's true. What made them so special? Well they each have a different power, like witches. But one alpha will change their history forever, by telling almost all the packs in the world that the Red Wolfs want to use their power and rule the world. All the packs turned against the Red Wolfs. 

They killed almost all of them. 

Some escaped. 


Tala Hut is a Red Wolf descendant. Her parents and her act human for their safety, but what happens when Alpha Xander, alpha of the pack that started the hate towards Red Wolfs, finds Tala in a town that he is visiting. Tala and her family use a little bit of Wolfsbane to hide her werewolf scent. Well Xander is here, thinking that his mate is human, but she's much more than that. 

Xander's dad also has a strong passion of hate towards Red Wolfs. Tala is in trouble.

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booklvr5 booklvr5 Dec 13, 2017
Someone in this book needs to die. Namely the crappy ex-Alpha.
Padme7777 Padme7777 Dec 18, 2017
Lol me when I hurt myself "HOLY FRICK THAT HURTS! FRICK, FRICK, FRICK!" XD
Hmm, maybe youve never heard of it, but theres a certain thing that can help you avoid saying it, its called A LIE.Also, congratulations, you just put both youre parents a posible relatives in danger.Whay to go.
JohnBell824 JohnBell824 Nov 18, 2017
sad, red wolves are endangered species in the united states. less than 50 are alive.
Kai_tlynnn Kai_tlynnn Apr 07, 2017
My mom would never do that.. she literally screams at me to do dishes
SeaveyStalker SeaveyStalker Feb 04, 2017
In Vietnamese if Tala is Ta La it means I am so I am hut!😂😂👍