MY LOVE--(EreMika)

MY LOVE--(EreMika)

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Shakira Tan By Eris_Rain Completed

Mikasa is just a normal High School girl who is always at the top of the class. 
She always study, is cold, and always put an emotionless face.

She thought her 3rd year would be normal.

But it seems not, until she met them.

 Especially HIM. 

Everything changes.

Her character.

Her expressions.

Her feelings.

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summeryphan summeryphan Jul 09
Lmao everyone is just good friends with everyone in my batch tbh 😂😂
mlleice mlleice Sep 21
At least my classmates in real life are nice 😂😒 they don’t call me dry ice they just call me ice. My actual name is ace thoo but they keep calling me ice cuz I’m “cold” wtf..😂 I am not! Well maybe I’m not emotional but I am not cold ! 💗💖
The last time I heard Eren laugh was, the last episode of season 2. Spoiler! Hannes dies Erens pissed and then is crying and laughing. Laughing cause he was pissed
summeryphan summeryphan Jul 09
Same, actually. Being in 3rd year sucks for me and everything is so hectic like omygod calm down, we're in 3rd year, not in college
summeryphan summeryphan Jul 09
Me. Everyone in my class is really noisy (every goddamn day) and I just want to choke them all
                              Please Eren is German
                              Don't make him use Japanese terms