My Property (Dark Link x Reader)

My Property (Dark Link x Reader)

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Saeran's By SlaveOfSaeran Updated Jun 04

(y/n) the Princess of Hyrule, the sweet little sister of Zelda, and the loving girlfriend of Link, decided to make a decision that to leave her loving home Hyrule with the Prince of Darkness Dark Link to be his Queen of Darkness and to end the war between Light and Dark.

What will be the consequences of her decision? 

Read to find out..

Pizza6667 Pizza6667 Sep 05
"I'll do anything to stop this war!" 
                              "U hav 2 be hiz queen bro." 
                              "Fuk dis sh*t I'm out."
She FROZED because she is COLD....... 
                              Ok.... I Will.... Go ahead and kill myself.
Uhm, buddy let's get things straight 'kay? I'm not gonna let you kiss me over my dead body, if you have a huge library that'd be amazing, and if you have at least somewhere with WiFi I'll stay in a decent room and watch YouTube. Plus, I'm not a single pringle.
No listen here Darky.... 
                              A r e 
                              *demon voice*
                              M Y
                              P R O P E R T Y!
You don't leave link for another version of him. LIKE YOU DON'T DO THAT
Bloody hell, he has a garden? Him, a figure made of protons from lack of sunlight and a clone, of cruel darkness has plant life in a place where it could always be night, strange gases a single person couldn't breathe because the possible lack of living trees?