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One Favor (SasukexReader-Insert Story)

One Favor (SasukexReader-Insert Story)

63.1K Reads 2.8K Votes 52 Part Story
Unicorns_and_Uchiha By Unicorns_and_Uchiha Completed

One day, you are given a dare to steal something from the Uchiha Medical Corps. Yet, you get caught from the mistress, Mikoto Uchiha herself. She is willing to let you go only in exchange for a personal  favor. What is that favor? 

Thanks for reading. Comment, vote, or follow? I do not own the characters, you, or the Naruto anime. Slenderman owns it. Nah, just a great awesome troller named Kishimoto who likes to play with our feelings. RIP MANGA!!! ITS ENDING!!!! Sorry, I had to put it out there.

P.S. I also have this story on Quotev, for anyone who is familiar with this.

Diamonbreeze Diamonbreeze Jul 02, 2016
*sees the dare, looks at everyone's comments and facepalms* Well then! Imma rob a tiny capsule of allergy pills cause it's a MEDICAL corps
Funechan Funechan Jun 23, 2016
Oh my fu*king apples I'm gonna steal me some sasuke underwear XD
duckbutt_uchiha2230 duckbutt_uchiha2230 Jul 24, 2016
I'm picturing this whole this as a Sasuke and Sakura book but I won't understand anything that happens but if I do I want to be prepared
mayonhaise mayonhaise Sep 05, 2016
"Polite" BISH, do you know how boring I look in school?! I look like I give 0 sh¡ts whatsoever, and when I look at you, I look like I can snap your neck by touching you!
HeichouBoo HeichouBoo Dec 18, 2016
How? You expect me to do dis shiet? Hoe, I can't even get my room done 😂
Spyder256 Spyder256 Oct 01, 2016
Why am I kicking ppl that reside in the house I am in debt to? 😐