The Alpha's Black Beauty.(Interracial)

The Alpha's Black Beauty.(Interracial)

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.. By ChocolateShawtyy Updated Sep 05

Sixteen-year-old Hazel Grey, is a black hipster girl. She's shy,sweet and funny.

What happens when the Alpha's eighteen-year-old son, Jason Lance is Hazel's mate? He's white, she's black.

"this isn't gonna work out"

"why?! because I'm white and your black, Hazel I love you and I don't care about the color of your skin"

"well others will"

"Fuck them" and with that he kissed me.

So i like this white guy, and he likes me, my parents don't care but i think his does and it gets really weird when we talk about it.
It should've been, "BICH CAN U DO A SPLIT O DA DIIHH" summerella
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BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Jun 08
They dont gotta live with  him you do so marry for love not looks and wouldn't it be great if we were just like transparent and people fell in love based on personalities
Am I the only one who got that this hoe is ill mannered 😂😭
crazy4manga crazy4manga May 09
My momma already know I'm gonna end up with someone outside my race😂😂