Chapter 1

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I turned off my phone alarm and got up.

I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and straighten my waist-length black hair that has blue/purple at the edges.

I put on my new outfit that I got from the mall and grabbed my iPhone 6. I headed downstairs to see my mom,dad and older brother Tony.

"Aye chocolate chip!" Tony greeted me, I smiled and waved.

"Morning sweetie" My mom greeted me, I smiled.

"Morning sweetheart" My dad greeted me, I smiled and nodded as I grabbed an apple.

As I walked outside and waited for my bestfriend, Morgan to come pick me up I got a text.

'Sorry boo! But I can't come pick you up today-Morgan'

I sighed and replied okay before walking back inside.

"Heyy big brother!" He waved.

"Yes?" He said getting right to the point, I chuckled before speaking.

"Can you drive me to school?" He nodded and grabbed his keys. I smiled and walked outside.

After a minute or two, he comes.

"You forgot your bookbag" I nodded and grabbed the bookbag then hopped in the car along with him.

"Ready?" I nodded and off he goes.


"Hey Boo!" I turned away from my locker and looked at Morgan.

She crazy as hell but beautiful. She's mixed, have dark brown hair and grey eyes.Every guy looks at her but stops when he mate, Shawn, growls.

"Hey babe" speaking off the little love bird here he come...along with his bestfriend Jason, The future Alpha.

"Hey" Morgan says kissing him, I just stand there awkwardly along with Jason.

"Hey black beauty" I looked up to meet eyes with Jason. He's a fine ass white boy but my family only allows me to be with blacks or mixed.

"Hey" I said smiling like a freak, I'm sorry but I can't help it his beautiful brown eyes just makes me feel special.

"Uhh..Hazel...EARTH TO HAZEL!" I jumped as Morgan yelled in my ear, she laughed. That little monkey.

"Like I was saying, wanna go running tonight with me,Tony and Jason?" I nodded with a smile.

Ring Ring Ring!

Let school began....


Finally school is over and I have to go get ready for run tonight with Morgan.

I waited for her outside of school.

"I'm herez" I rolled my eyes playfully and took of my shoes. I run faster with them off.

"Ready to run to my house?" I nodded and we looked around before taking off like cars.

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