Collared and loved

Collared and loved

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May By maylin0616 Updated Jan 21

Abby a simple waitress with a dream.

Tony the multi-billionaire on the cover of every magazine. 

By chance Tony came into the little restaurant Abby worked in, not knowing the simple waitress is all he needed in life to make everything perfect.
(My first story! Give me a chance! I just may suck or be very good!)

  • bdsm
  • cute
  • ddlg
  • drama
  • romance
  • sadness
maylin0616 maylin0616 May 23, 2015
Thanks! Hahah I based the main character off of my best friend, kinda of in a way. But you are a bear so there's no way you can be my best friend right!?
twinbear8 twinbear8 May 23, 2015
You seem like a very cool person and your story is awesome! The main character is so much like me it's almost scary!