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This is my first story!! Please forgive all my mistakes and enjoy the story!

Abigail Bayleaf a simple girl from a not so well family. Growing up all she had was an extremely busy mother, and a dad who left the family as soon as he found out she was a girl. She can't say she has never seen her dad,  as he would come home every few weeks, walking in as if he owned the place, looking for anything valuable that he could take and sell to make some quick cash. If he saw nothing of value, he would grab Abby by the collar or look down at her with a disgusted face as if she was a molding piece of cheese on the ground in the sweltering hot sun. Kicking and hitting as he asked where her mother was, when she said nothing he would hit her a few more times before grunting and walking out. Her mother tried her best to raise Abby, but with nothing besides a high school diploma she found only the low paying jobs open to her. She worked as a waitress during the day in a local diner and at night she was a call girl. Abby rarely saw her mom for more then 10 minutes at a time, as she would bring the groceries home or to drop something off before going to her next job. Abby wasn't bothered by the fact that her mom was never around as she knows her mom was trying her best to support her. With no one to depend upon Abby grew up a very independent girl, she did well in school as she would not accept anything but straight A's. She wanted something from life, she was determined to never become her mom and fall in this so called "love". While her friends were out on dates and having "fun", she was home taking care of the little apartment her and her mom shared. As soon as she was old enough to get a job she applied to a local restaurant.

Tony Lightwell growing up never worked a single day in his life untill he was about 19; both his parents passed away in a horrible plane crash. Leaving him with nothing but the clothes off his back. He started a part time job as a way to make a living but with he's arrogant, and bossy personality he was fired from the job as soon as he got it. Eventually, he gave up and played around in the stock market. When he first entered the stock market all he had was 10 dollars, within the first week he turned the 10 dollars into 1000 dollars and the doubling of he's money went on and on. By his 20th birthday he had enough money to buy the biggest house on the block still having left overs.

Okay there is just some background information on the two main characters! I will be writing the story from now on! I will try to update as fast as I can and I will try my best to keep up with it!

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