MIRAGE-Exotic Stories

MIRAGE-Exotic Stories

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Oscar Luis Rigiroli By OscarRigiroli Updated Apr 11, 2015

This work includes three stories.
Mirage tells a love story in a violent environment. A French officer who obeys an uncertain chain of command in North Africa is ordered to report on the fate of a group of refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing carried out by the Tuaregs in Mali.
The expected relief from world powers gets diluted in a web of strategic interests, leaving the refugees homeless.
In this environment love, disappointment and rebellion are born.

The Girl and the Knight takes place in 1242 in the steppes of Russia. A Teutonic Knight flees from his Slavs pursuers and finds shelter in a Mongolian nomad camp. There he joins a Tartar girl, but the Russians determined to expel all invaders from their land will not give them respite.

Oasis of Light tells the story of a young man sent to a Nazi expedition to Tibet in search of the origin of the Aryan race under the sands of the Gobi desert and what he actually finds in these remote places.

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