The Key You See

The Key You See

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SherrieTheriault By SherrieTheriault Updated Apr 11, 2015

April 11

The Key You See

The key you see is letting you, accept me.  Oh, how I hide from that, run from that, flee from that.  I must be in control of what you think of me.  I curtain off the view of me I don’t wish to share with you.  Add to that the unusual choices of what I hide.  I will strip down with all the lights blazing long before I would let you see me drop the ball, be confused, misunderstand.  What I truly fail to realize is that in the process of trying to hide my faux pas and fumbles; what I show you is my controlling ass.  Backside bare I moon you with my freak show trying to hide my humanity. Your compassion and tolerant waiting for me to calm down and open my eyes is the key I fail to see about you.

Learn the difference between area and circumference


I took an area level service position
And my sponsor laughed herself off her chair
What is your motivation for this?  she asked
I want to move up through the service structure, my reply
Are you trying to make rank?
Problem with that? I ask
Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy
You will become what you desire
You will become rank
And you will stink
The triangle is inverted to help you clean up your act
Don’t get washed away in a tide of ego
I put down my swim fins
And removed my epilates

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