Game of Hearts •James Potter •

Game of Hearts •James Potter •

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    If there was one thing that had gone through James Potter's head durning his time at Hogwarts it was Athena Blake. The girl had invaded his every thought and this year he was admint she would be his 


    James navigated his way down the narrow hall of the Hogwarts express with the three other marauders trailing behind him "Looking for Blake?" Sirius questioned James nodded as his eyes caught sight of the familiar white and grey cat sitting on the lap of Molly Prewett 

   Smirking slightly he open the door, a courus of annoyed groans sounded through the four girl in the compartment "No" groaned Lily Evan's who sat next to Molly and Marline. Sirius laughed flopping down "All the other compartments are full" he lied 

  Molly scoffed "there are plenty of empty compartments, you just want to bother Athena" she said, James put a hand on his heart feigning hurt "I wouldn't dare to bother the love of my life" he said earning an eye roll


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Please keep on updating Author-san! I love your story, even though I can't help but seem to push in PJO.😂 Forgive me for that. Fighting!
I don't know why, but even though he's Italian and not French, I somehow remember Nico di Angelo.😓
"mysterious friends" and I quote; "Maybe she spends her summer in a camp."
Like Lily does in the original series... and almost every other James Potter fanfic
--stargirl --stargirl Dec 04, 2016
Erm infatuated means that he's only in love with the feeling of love so he technically doesn't like her if your showing that he loves her just put love "he was bloody in love with the girl"
firebird9 firebird9 Aug 04, 2016
And this is how Dumbledor keeps himself entertained all year. Match-making.