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Breanna L. Meyer By NyctophilicRhapsody Updated Apr 16

Vampires rule the world. Literally. There is no werewolves for they all died off thousands of years ago. In the country Azuliania lives a young sixteen year old girl named Giselle. Giselle lives in a small village with her parents and her neighbors which she treats as family. 

Alistair is the high and powerful Vampire King of Azuliania and the entire world. He has finally decided after many years to search for his mate, putting out a reward for anyone who can bring her to him. 

One day, Giselle is just a normal village girl, and the next day, she is the mate to the most powerful man in the entire world. 

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BethReadsAlot BethReadsAlot Apr 18, 2017
Why does that remind me of beauty and the beast in some way? Idk, probably just me 😂
redrum-rose redrum-rose Dec 06, 2017
Wow a prologue that's actually a prologue and not a sneak peak or summary of the story. Amazing. I'm astonished.
MelodyCarroll MelodyCarroll May 12, 2016
you said meatloaf three times. I suggest using a Thesaurus. It's very helpful. It helped me :-)
iDunnoForShit iDunnoForShit Feb 22, 2017
Basically Sweden and when It's not snowing It's raining like wtf why
Sylvera_Jade Sylvera_Jade Sep 18, 2016
@NyctophilicRhapsody , did I tell you how much I love your name. Tori is a beautiful name.
HemmingsColumn HemmingsColumn May 23, 2016
1st of all it's a great story so far 2nd we have the same name so high five ✋🏼