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__Angel By __Angel Updated Jul 31, 2015

"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them."

Akela Rivers a young independent woman. As a child she was exposed to a traumatic event causing her to become an orphan. Thirteen years later living a quiet humble life in New York. She runs across a rich bachelor who pays her to pretend they are together. Sadly, that simple "run in" changes her life for the worst. Will she overcome the obstacle he has brought to her?

(The quotes are not mine. I got them from Google)

Kaeskiii_ Kaeskiii_ Jul 31, 2016
My puppy wouldn't dare💀 all she gone do is look at me sideways shid
lollipois1234567 lollipois1234567 Sep 04, 2016
Damn dey knew wat was gone happen buh den why would you leave a six year old at da airport by herself I understand she smart and all buh y
Beautiful_lufituaeB Beautiful_lufituaeB Jun 28, 2016
This sounds like that movie Columbiana. Love that movie❤❤
Amari___ Amari___ Jul 10, 2016
Bruh, that makes me when I am hungry and my grandma be like "the food is almost done" an hour done passed and some minutes "alright it's done" 😑
SweetLuvBear SweetLuvBear Jun 26, 2016
Ayyyeee I'm Nigerian. Matter fact just came back there from vacation😊😊😁😁😁
Queen_Amieya Queen_Amieya Jul 11, 2016
But I swear she turned out to be one of the people in the book that would do to people and it's black and they say who is it and nobody answered so I just open the door to see who is it and they get captured... I'm not reading this book