Artemis (Discontinued)

Artemis (Discontinued)

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The_FanficLover By The_FanficLover Updated May 18, 2016

There's a new vigilante in town. Another archer. A young one. She's well trained and disciplined. And she's extremely dangerous. Some call Arrow Jr., mini-Arrow, some even believe she's his daughter. All of them are wrong. Her name is Artemis.
And the two have never met. Artemis intends to keep it that way. But Team Arrow has other ideas.

Olivia Crock. Honors student at Star Academy. She sounds preppy, right? Wrong. She was born and raised deep in the Glade. She can survive and fight on her own. She completely proved this when she survived the earthquake. Only her mother wasn't so lucky. 

Yes, people do tease, push, and shove, but none of this phases Olivia.

Because no one knows her. Not really.

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Raz_Man_and_Deadpool Raz_Man_and_Deadpool Apr 20, 2016
I love it even the grammar is great compared to some other novels I've read on here you've got amazing skills
Faze7023 Faze7023 Nov 18, 2016
Well if your not ganna I will! 
                              *gets Ak-47 and machete then goes and kills Jessica* *sighs then turns around while dropping weapons and looks at Artemis* dats right bîtch! *holds up middle finger*
TypicalLovee TypicalLovee May 22, 2016
"I'm blond, I'm skinny, I'm rich, and i'm a little bit of a bitch"
Sarcastic_Wolf Sarcastic_Wolf Aug 10, 2016
If it isn't Star Academy's own personal Barbie. Is Ken with you?
fandom_fangirl_ness fandom_fangirl_ness Oct 29, 2015
Ha like there are and optimist left in this messes up world 
                              Just sayin