Rise of the Undead

Rise of the Undead

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Annelise Ianthe By AnneliseIanthe Updated Jun 02, 2015

The dead never stay buried.

Within the blink of an eye, Meaghan Torres' life has taken a sordid turn. An ordinary family visit has turned into a nightmare from which she may never wake. People are turning into zombies, eager to feast on the flesh of the unsuspecting.

Though staying alive may prove to be a tad cumbersome, it's a feat she'll make sure to accomplish by any means necessary. Her family's safety is of the utmost importance and she'll do everything possible to keep everyone together. Setting out to discover whether there are others still alive out there, she'll need to gather the limited resources available along the way.

The cause of the undead epidemic is a mystery no one has been able to decipher; one Meaghan makes it her mission to uncover. Someone has left several clues behind, but the pieces of puzzle aren't that forthcoming. Never-the-less, she's determined to seek the answers to her questions while fighting the undead in the process.

What she needs to know is just around the corner. If she's to succeed with her goals, she'll need to keep herself and those she's taken under her wing alive, at all cost. Battling the undead at every turn, Meaghan must find a way to set all wrongs to right before her life and those she loves are forfeit.

(Please Note: This is a preliminary synopsis. It'll change once the story has been completed.)