This Would Be Paradise (Book 2)-A Zombie Novel

This Would Be Paradise (Book 2)-A Zombie Novel

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N_D_Iverson By N_D_Iverson Completed

(Book 2) Community connotes safety, togetherness. But does it? When Bailey and Chloe head back on the road, they come across strange markings belonging to a group intent on bloodshed and abduction. With a heinous enemy lurking in the shadows, they find help in new and old friends along the way. 

Together when they finally find Hargrove, all isn't what it seems with the make-shift, post-apocalyptic community. People are turning up dead and for once, zombies aren't the only ones to blame. Fingers are pointed, everyone becomes a suspect and no one is safe outside or inside these walls.

Copyright © 2015 by N_D_Iverson All Rights Reserved.

(Warning: This is the unedited, raw first draft) 

**Edited and expanded edition available for sale on Amazon and all other eBook retailers!**

JohnEphraimEspejo JohnEphraimEspejo Jun 01, 2016
Book 2 :) I really love your first book. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent ^_^
- - Feb 14, 2016
I really love your books !! I usually don't like a lot of Zombie books but yours are so awesome ! Such a talented writer xo 😄
Stopbeingadramaqueen Stopbeingadramaqueen Feb 29, 2016
I'm so laaaate haha I had to reread the book 1 to remember everything before this yayyy now I'm excited this is it
MeganCatron MeganCatron Aug 21, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this. Oh my god. I started not even a day ago and I'm already on the second book. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Please never stop writing this book.
dragon0709 dragon0709 Feb 11, 2016
You are a great writer. You are very talented and move up on the writing scale.
rainsong91 rainsong91 Jan 25, 2016
I just wanted to say wow you are talented. I was hooked throughout the whole first book. Man now you have me a dedicated fan.keep it up