Guilt (A Zero Spin-Off)

Guilt (A Zero Spin-Off)

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**This is a spin-off of my book Zero. Some of the characters will be the same, but this book can be read as a stand alone.**

Everyone has made mistakes before, but not everyone has made mistakes that induce the zombie apocalypse. Ella Fairchild is one of unlucky few who can say she's made such a mistake. She didn't know what she was doing. She thought she was doing good for the world. She was wrong. But to her, none of that matters. As the last living person who contributed to the creation of H-26, more commonly known as the zombie virus, Ella shoulders the weight of the world for her mistakes. Nearly a year after the outbreak, Ella has a chance to try to right her wrongs. She hasn't been outside the walls of the safe establishment since the virus spread. Now, inexperienced, weak, and scared out of her mind, she'll do whatever it takes for a chance at stopping the virus.

 But she's not foolish, Ella knows she can't do this alone. 

Kyle Russell is a certified bad ass, an ex-Army Ranger come out of retirement to save the world from zombies. He's  sinfully good looking, a little rough around the edges, and doesn't sugarcoat anything,  but he's the guy you want on your team. He and his team of runners haven't failed a mission yet. Amongst their own, and even civilians, they're rock stars. They're the people who give everyone hope that a war against zombies that can be won. They're the exact opposite of Ella. 

They're the best, and if Ella is going to succeed, she needs the best.

**This is a spin-off of Zero and will feature some of the same characters. However, it can be read as a standalone.

Nobody is TALLER than him but about the other one I'm not too sure
JustACalendarDay JustACalendarDay Mar 18, 2016
Yes! Their appearance won't be immediate but Zero, Hunter and everyone else will have a part in this book :)
JustACalendarDay JustACalendarDay Mar 18, 2016
I'm still planning to release the first chapter on April 1. Just want to make sure it's perfect. Though if I have it done before then, I'll post.
smnov24 smnov24 Feb 12
Wow! Loved Zero and I believe.if
                              at all possible , this will be better!! Great start!!!