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Clemont x Reader

Clemont x Reader

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A/N: I really hate this 2K writing limit. I copy and paste my stories from Word so It's kind of annoying. 

-Your P.O.V-

     "Clemont? What are you doing here, I thought you were absent because you weren't at class...." You asked the nerdy kid.
"I've been working on my latest experiment." He mumbled.
"Eh?" You teased, holding your hand up to your ear as a gesture for him to 'speak up.'
"I said I'm WORKING ON MY LATEST EXPERIMENT." He said, but louder.
     "MISSSS!!!" You fake whined. "CLEMONT SHOUTED AT MEEEEE!!!!"
Suddenly the supervisor came running up to you and Clemont, she sighed and shook her head.
"Clemont, that's some very dangerous chemicals you're working on! If your experimenting, then please work in the science lab, but you'll need permission from your teacher. But shouting at (y/n)? Your not like that. But (y/n)'s likely to provoke people like this..."
        You rolled your eyes. The supervisor was startled and walked off. You swivelled back to Clemont, who was looking at you rather strangely. You shrugged your shoulders at him, and walked off like you didn't care.

-Clemont's P.O.V-

      I looked up at the clouds, still drowsy from working with hypno chemicals. I was waiting outside for my younger sister, Bonnie to walk out the door, scream out my name and give me a giant hug. If I didn't have a younger sister, I would have been consumed by my depression....
perhaps..... maybe.... 

     I've got to admit...I've got a huge crush on (y/n)...ever since I transferred. I always turn away and hide my flushed cheeks and sweating hands and shaking knees and...yeah...

    I wish I could be popular for her... but I'm not. 
I've asked Bonnie for advice as well...she says I should admit my feelings and she'll say her catchphrase tomorrow. To be honest...I don't want her to, she'll just laugh at me and Bonnie and my life will be ruined.

Gakayna Gakayna Mar 13
"Stroking your face" Bruh, this kid was literally stabbing you a few seconds ago, and you do this?!😂😂😂
Wait.... Kurt.... Kurt Kelly?? I thought you died!!!! JD WHY DIDNT YOU FINISH THE JOB!!!!
oyebubbles oyebubbles Jun 20, 2016
Why did I ever go out with him in the first place? And where are the teachers during this?
Cookie__Crumb Cookie__Crumb Nov 16, 2016
This is awkward for me because my friend Madi is dating one of my friends whom I don't talk to much any more's big brother 😓
KiwuTheDuck KiwuTheDuck Feb 09
My best friend since like 7 years is named Kurt and this hurts me
ChristiMc ChristiMc Jul 28, 2016
She's like, seven-years-old, how does she know what anorexic means?