Abnormal Little Me (Completed)

Abnormal Little Me (Completed)

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"You actually thought you could get away from me, didn't you, Rishka?" I turned around, shaking. Sadist was standing there, a creepy smile on his face. No, this wasn't real, I was safe. He chuckled coldly. "You really think you have a soul-mate? Be realistic, no one wants you. A broken wolf, soiled by another one. Who would love such a thing? You're still unable to change to your wolf form. Are you even allowed to be call a werewolf? Come back here and maybe I'll be lenient."
	No, I have a soul-mate. He loves me. He told me. I believe him.
	"Don't be stupid. If he exists, where is he? You're all alone here. Nobody is coming to save you."


	When she was growing up, Lyra only had one dream: to see the stars. Now that she is older, she traded it for another one: to die. Even if she was rescued, was she really saved? Scars don't fade easily but her soulmate will make sure she can heal, even if it means not being by her side. 

Clichés I have broken:
√ Main character is special
√ Main character's soulmate is the King
√ Main character was abused
√ Happy ending
(Tell me if I forgot something and, damn, I did not expect to be so cliché D: )

Clichés I have NOT broken:
√ Main character is rejected by her soulmate
√ Main character rejects her soulmate
√ Main character gets pregnant
√ Main character's soulmate is the "bad boy" or "cruel" type
√ "Mine"/ "Mate" he growled.
So if you want to read a story without these, you're in the right place!
Thanks to Distinctive for the amazing cover! I love it so much (It's my iPod's background) <3

Don't let the number of chapters scare you, they are only about 1000 words each. This is my first story so comments will be much appreciated. Love you all :) Also, if you ever have trouble with the weird names I gave my characters, there is a video of me saying their names in chapter 26. My accent is weird on it, blame that on the fact that I'm French-Canadian :P

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demgracer demgracer May 28, 2017
xD i'm reading this... again xD
                              and let me tell you... i REALLY... REALLY want to incinerate dark soul
demgracer demgracer Sep 19, 2016
@PetiteLouve  i'm crying because it's REALLY good.....i mean by really good as in: the rejection, and stuff.....
                              it's like i want to go INSIDE the story and defend her from "dark soul" and to adopt and accept her w/ love.....
demgracer demgracer Sep 17, 2016
this is my 2nd time reading this book.... i really love it....it's one of my favorite books...
                              (TT_TT) it's really heart warming....
                              *sniff* *sniff*
                              and now i'm crying(again)
- - Oct 16, 2015
Your a newborn baby... How do you even think much less know how you were born?
WilliamBerthelot WilliamBerthelot Aug 08, 2015
Very good start, I'm really impressed by your imagination. 
                              It will be a pleasure for me to read the next chapters.
megiebou megiebou May 09, 2015
np and Im reading your book right now its really good so far