Predator: Enderlox x Reader (Wattys 2015)

Predator: Enderlox x Reader (Wattys 2015)

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It's been two years since the leader of the Dead army, Deadlox, went missing.

One day you are bravely walking through the haunted forest. You are looking for some new plants for your home, but what you find is something more extraordinary then plants. Well it finds you. Or is it someone?

-Completed as of 26th of January 2016, 12:38pm-

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Me : Plants or Life....hmmmmmmmm........I choose......Plants! And potatos!!!!!!!
                              My bff: BOI!!!!! -points her hands at me while saying boi-
Foxy_The_Pirate87 Foxy_The_Pirate87 Dec 07, 2016
NUUUUU!!!! NOT KNIFEY!!!!! H-he was my bestie.... *sits by the window sadly with heavy rain outside as sad music plays in the background*
Honestly that sound like the way I think, "If I die, I die. If I live, I'll probably have some cool plants. You know... Win win situation."
*sigh* *opens up a power point* *puts hands together* *deep breath* Here is 100000 reasons why you are being the STUPIDEST thing you have EVER done!
mangled_foxy mangled_foxy Aug 04, 2016
Okay before I start reading, 64  chapters......64 CHALETS HOLY COW THAT'S A comes a week without sleep
Foxy_The_Pirate87 Foxy_The_Pirate87 Dec 07, 2016
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I wouldn't do the same as this girl, I would fangirl so much Enderlox might get scared of me. Seriously, I love him more than Ty himself.