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Little Lacey by AmandaJuneHagarty
Little Laceyby Amanda June Hagarty
Lacey is a bat girl. Seven years ago, her mother wished at the well in the heart of the Wish Wood, transforming a young bat-ling into a human girl--mostly human. But Lac...
  • nomorebullying
  • middlegrade
  • wings
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The Isadora Interviews by KatieCross4
The Isadora Interviewsby Katie Cross
Isadora is a quiet witch with great magical power, but her foresight is even greater. As a Watcher, Isadora has the ability to see into the heart of every witch she meet...
  • spells
  • missmabelsschoolforgirls
  • hauntedforest
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Predator: Enderlox x Reader (Wattys 2015) (FINISHED) by GirlyBirdGamer
Predator: Enderlox x Reader (Watty...by GirlyBird
It's been two years since the leader of the Dead army, Deadlox, went missing. One day you are bravely walking through the haunted forest. You are looking for some new pl...
  • hybrids
  • love
  • wattys2015
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×Haunted Forest× by DarkBlackAesthetic
×Haunted Forest×by -Christine✨-
Many woman has been lost. What is the real problem why the woman's has been lost? Grim Reaper is finding a way not to fall in love with Lena, but he fail. Lena is goin...
  • past
  • creepyboy
  • lost
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Marcel by DohnnyJepp
Marcelby Amilia3
sleepover at your bff's house. sounds like fun. But why is Shaina not allowed to visit the forest located nearby her friend's house? Who or what will she find there?
  • horror
  • bff
  • haunted
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HAUNTED FOREST(on going) by eyeOFblack
HAUNTED FOREST(on going)by eyeofblack
  • curiosity
  • killer
  • forest
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The Ghost Of Us by ImmaKawaii
The Ghost Of Usby ImmaKawaii
  • haunted
  • house
  • ghost
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Of Blood and Ashes by misskyokom
Of Blood and Ashesby Kyoko M
The world's deadliest dragon, the infamous Baba Yaga, is loose on the streets of Tokyo. Dr. Rhett "Jack" Jackson and Dr. Kamala Anjali have been tasked with h...
  • interracial
  • hunting
  • sciencefiction
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Wolf Wisp by wulfspirit13
Wolf Wispby CandaceALGardner
Jen Beurin is a super curious young woman who enjoys visiting abandoned sites. However, on one of her little expeditions, she comes across a strange deep red marble. Unk...
  • hauntedforest
  • supernatural
  • demon
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Lost by hailz__lee
Lostby 𝙇𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙂𝙞𝙧𝙡
Two girls from China go on a horrific camping trip with some of their friends.
  • camping
  • monster
  • murder
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Bravest by Bunnystick
Bravestby Shelby Wright
This collection of recaps is based on a game I ran for my 6 year old nephew. A companion story to The Saulsyde Crate. Plot...? Spinney the Spider Slayer was a most heroi...
  • spinney
  • littleheroes
  • dungeonsanddragons
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The House That Appears On All Hallows by Katarina_DeWeese
The House That Appears On All Hall...by Katarina DeWeese
What happens in this small town of mayland, Ohio? Not much it looks like from the fącade they put on. But, every year, on all Hallows, people go missing. Most are lost f...
  • thriller
  • horror
  • hauntedhouse
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From Dusk to Dawn  by Thetwotasksgirl14
From Dusk to Dawn by Waffles
My biggest and most excitable project is finally ready for the public!! I'm so excited!! I hope you guys enjoy it!! Sawyer lives a harsh life in a hard world. Her mother...
  • forest
  • light
  • adventure
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Ghosts of the Haunted Chruch by majd3tears
Ghosts of the Haunted Chruchby majd3tears
Three friends went on a camp night in a lovely forest beside a peaceful village. what does the night hide for the three guys ? will they make it out alive or the priest...
  • haunted
  • hauntedforest
  • hauntedvillage
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Haunted forest  by shadowlife982
Haunted forest by shadowlife982
This story is about a wolf who's name is death and legends say that he got killed in a haunted forest and a pack lives there and they say his spirt haunts that forest. D...
  • deathdiedsadly
  • hauntedforest
Rosette by AleTho123
Rosetteby AleTho123
Many years ago an elder was living in a haunted forest with his wife,who was a witch.They were hoping for a girl that will save the forest they were living in,because th...
  • scifi
  • ghosts
  • forest
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Not all monsters are real monsters  by lazybiz
Not all monsters are real monsters by Lizzy <3
Lilah was a normal girl with a normal childhood. One year when she was 4 years old they moved from the small town of Rhinebeck, NY to the big city of Vancouver, BC. Whe...
  • hopeforlove
  • scary
  • fantasy
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haunted forest by Feliciaheg
haunted forestby Felicia
two siblings. Jacob and Amy in a New town goes to a dark forest but what they don't know is that its haunted..
  • hauntedforest