Designs of Destiny

Designs of Destiny

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Age of Adaline By AgeOfAdaline Completed

A woman in an oil painting—a proof of her secrets and a catalyst to his daring mission.

In the shadows of a speakeasy, in a time of prohibition and cultural transformation, Charlotte’s world is tilted off its axis at the arrival of an enigmatic stranger who has come to destroy it for justice.

She can’t lose her heart to a man who’s come to lose his life to the monsters that lurk in the shadows of her world but she will have no choice when fate comes meddling.

Her life on the run will have to come to a standstill and the very thing she is afraid of will be the biggest risk she’ll have to take.

Will she let time carry her away once again or will she finally stop, fight and live in the moment?

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MorningVenusStar MorningVenusStar Mar 07, 2016
I like to think of it as more of a journey... but that makes sense toom
RoyalJJ12 RoyalJJ12 Nov 14, 2015
This chapter is by far the most beautiful chapter I have ever read in my life
08ball 08ball Nov 05, 2015
Eddie is such a creep. I'm glad Charlotte can hold her own and also has Brandon to back her up if need be. This story is such a great read. I already love the connection between Charlotte and Brandon, I'll be rooting for them to make it against all the odds stacked against them.
08ball 08ball Nov 05, 2015
I love how Brandon is the only person that can have more to say than Charlotte, usually she has the final word.
oopsispilledtheink oopsispilledtheink Jul 16, 2015
This is so good! You're so descriptive, keep up the good work!
sallygoetzke sallygoetzke May 31, 2015
So Beautiful...What a grand Idea for the stroke of an Authors pen.