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Designs of Destiny by AgeOfAdaline
Designs of Destinyby Age of Adaline
A woman in an oil painting—a proof of her secrets and a catalyst to his daring mission. In the shadows of a speakeasy, in a time of prohibition and cultural transformati...
  • adaline
  • adalinemovie
  • timelesslove
Up and Down by AgeOfAdaline
Up and Downby Age of Adaline
The tables are turned: having magically stopped aging in the 19th century, Lilly Linton is no longer the secretary slaving for cold, stone-faced business-magnate Rikkard...
  • adaline
  • timelesslove
Continuation of The Age of Adaline story #TheAgeofAdaline by LisaRedfern
Continuation of The Age of Adaline...by Lisa Redfern
Picking-up where the film leaves off, AoA CONTINUED brings the family into a multigenerational household under construction. William reassures his wife that her jealousy...
  • adalinemovie
  • immortal
  • history
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Timeless Love [ KookJin ] by AdorablyBiased
Timeless Love [ KookJin ]by AdorablyBiased
In love, neither he nor his Fiancé could predict that their time together was limited, and so begins the countdown. After the untimely death of the love of his life, Kim...
  • switchhoseok
  • switchyoongi
  • taejin
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Young Again by AgeOfAdaline
Young Againby Age of Adaline
After an apparent fatal drowning, Lincoln Parker wakes up alive, fully intact and drenched in the seawater of San Diego Beach. Confused, disorientated and alone, he stag...
  • adaline
  • age
  • timelesslove
Together Forever by IdinaMenzelRules
Together Foreverby Vivienne Rose
Lin-Manuel Miranda was a 23 year old New Yorker, his home life was complicated, and his time working at Read Out Loud, the book and music store in the theater district t...
  • timelesslove
  • intheheights
  • broadway
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Partner in Crime and in Life... Always by kenzier3
Partner in Crime and in Life... Al...by kenzier3
Castle AU and I have no idea where it's going from there Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
  • beckett
  • timelesslove
  • castle
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25 Hours a Day by taglers
25 Hours a Dayby **Gravity**
I would do anything just to get that extra hour of my day with you. So please just let me be with you for even just one hour. 1 day = 24 hours my day = 25 hours thanks...
  • bounderies
  • sacrifice
  • timelesslove
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Once Again...  by NishaFofaria
Once Again... by Nisha Gandhi Fofaria
You age, you meet someone, you fall in love.. And then, you fall out of love... But is that the end??? I guess not! There is enough love in the world.. And...
  • timelesslove
  • maturelove
  • onceagain
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Timeless love❤❤❤ by Bidisha_Chakraborty
Timeless love❤❤❤by Bidisha Chakraborty
Meet Ananya and Aarav -- the FAMOUS HOSPITAL COUPLE. No.. they're not doctors.. rather patients.. who are in the WINTER of their short lives. Both are bed-stricken and...
  • timelesslove
  • romance
  • shortstory
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Letters to Thy Love by roxylohmuller
Letters to Thy Loveby roxylohmuller
Love what is it. I don't know. How long will love last. Some say that love last forever. My grandmother, before she died, used to tell me that once you find true love. I...
  • letters
  • timelesslove
BEFORE I CAME BACKby Edcel Odquier Dela Cruz
Paano kung mawala ang taong minamahal mo? handa ka bang tanggapin ang pagkawala nya? Maililigtas mo ba sya kung naitadhana na ang pagkawala nya? Paano kung mabigyan ka n...
  • timetravel
  • fantasy
  • past
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After the happy ending, sort of ...  by stars250
After the happy ending, sort of...by stars250
You know the story of how Gideon and I are time travelers and beat the count and found of the secret of the raven and all of that jazz but you don't know what happened a...
  • romance
  • timelesslove
  • fantasy
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'90s Problems by AgeOfAdaline
'90s Problemsby Age of Adaline
It’s 1999, and curvy funny girl Evianna Moore is about to celebrate her 99th birthday. But rather than the wrinkled nanna she should rightfully be, Evi appears to be onl...
  • adaline
  • adalinemovie
  • timelesslove
One Step Closer by LenaMelendez
One Step Closerby Lena Melendez
I don't know what this will be about. Rather I won't tell you. Read to find out. As I'm writing I try to keep you happy. I might not get stuff on time. If you want me to...
  • sad
  • timelesslove
  • beautiful
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Twisted Tale Of A Innocent Girl by srishtigupta12
Twisted Tale Of A Innocent Girlby Srishti
The story of a innocent girl who in no time will become a girl with a heart of stone. A girl who lost his love of her life but still survived as everyone does but the tw...
  • deadinside
  • remeberance
  • love
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Temporal Amnesia by ClariAFox
Temporal Amnesiaby ClariAFox
Time travel is supposed to be fun, right? Change things. Make them the way you want it. And the best part: no one remembers what it was like be for you changed things...
  • timewitch
  • love
  • adventure
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The love birds by user64520122
The love birdsby Deepbluesea
Love story that my eyes saw
  • timelesslove
  • sinppetsoflife
  • love
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