Daily Questions for You

Daily Questions for You

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Elsa By QueenOfSnow Updated Nov 14, 2015

Basically a book filled with questions of the day, feel free to answer in the comments c:


Random #74

_NadyD_ _NadyD_ 4 days ago
Nadezhda, You can call me Nadya, Nady, Nade, Nadichka but NEVER Nadka
LycaaMobile LycaaMobile a day ago
my hair colour changes in different seasons, in summer it's a really nice shade of dark brown
-That-Neon-Teen- -That-Neon-Teen- 2 days ago
I'm not exactly saying, but just call me Zay since that was the name I was nearly born with.
joshleris_bae joshleris_bae 5 days ago
Despite all the times I chose vanilla, I actually don't know!
LycaaMobile LycaaMobile a day ago
don't like icecream, sweet things make me sick and icecreams one of them
Kyanna_2273 Kyanna_2273 3 days ago
Mint Chocolate Chip or Sherbert or anything that involves brownie bits (or chunks)